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Skin Conditions

The Real Science
behind Great Skin

REAL CHEMISTRY is a brand well suited for any skin type. There are specific conditions for which it is especially effective and a few are listed here:

Dry skin

Dry skin is most common in your
lower legs, arms, sides of the
abdomen (flanks), and thighs.The
symptoms of dry skin include:
Scaling, Itching, and Cracks


What Is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a chronic auto-immune
disease that can cause the skin to
look red and ruddy.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Oxidative damage is the root
cause of most visible signs of
aging on the skin. Sun, wind, and
environmental toxins can all
speed up the oxidation process.

Sensitive skin

What is sensitive skin?
Many people say they have
sensitive skin because of the way
their skin reacts to skin care or
other household products.


Hyperpigmentation is a common,
usually harmless condition in
which patches of skin become
darker in color than the normal
surrounding skin.


Acne are tiny micro-infections
which form under the skin
causing breakouts.

Oily skin

Your genes and hormones play a
key role in whether or not you
have oily skin. Diet probably has
little, if anything, to do with
whether or not you have oily skin.


Ingrown hair’s root cause is not catching the
follicle at it lowest point because it is trapped
beneath dead skin. Exfoliate first to shave better.

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