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Real Chemistry

Since the early 1990s, the beauty industry has been committed to messaging consumers of beauty products about natural beauty products and their benefits. While it is tempting to embrace the idea that all things natural are ideal as a beauty product ingredient, not all of nature is reliable, helpful, or beneficial to skin. In fact, it has been discovered over the past 20+ years that some ingredients used routinely in beauty products, like Formaldehyde, are actually toxic and very harmful. Even natural ingredients like carbon can be toxic in skincare products. There was a time when it was trendy and appealing to learn that your favorite beauty brand blends their products in a basement somewhere.  Quaint, but without the application of scientific principles, products can be wildly inconsistent in terms of ingredient quality and purity, making consistent results difficult to obtain. 

Today, brands are embracing science-driven skincare, synthetic ingredients, and engineering processes to ensure skincare formulations are consistent batch to batch, and of the highest purity and quality. Six Sigma Blackbelt level efficiencies are now possible in manufacturing and lab-synthesized ingredients ensure accuracy and precision. Real Chemistry has been a vanguard producer of science-based skincare for 12 years. Using engineering principles and synthesized ingredients which rely on cutting edge recombinant DNA techniques created for bio-research, quality has a new, refined definition. Real Chemistry’s cruelty-free brand of science-based products produce incredible results year after year because the brand’s commitment to quality processes, ingredients, and outcomes has never wavered. Even during pandemic when ingredient cost soared and lab personnel were difficult to retain, Real Chemistry continued to produce high quality products and even shipped pandemic supplies to customers in the US and Canada and donated all the proceeds to local food pantries. Science serves our customers, but also the communities in which they live. 

At its core, Real Chemistry is a clean beauty brand, produced scientifically, using scientific principles, to ensure quality and purity consumers should expect from all brands. The robust collection includes a serum, moisturizer, cleanser, oil, treatment mask, and three variations of its signature peel. Its revolutionary “protein peel” technology has changed the market for exfoliants. Before Real Chemistry’s Luminous 3 Minute Peel for face, body, and lips, consumers had to choose between acid peels or abrasive peels. Burning or sanding off dead skin are both incredibly uncomfortable and produce skin injuries that require downtime and recovery. Real Chemistry’s protein peels are different. This new class of peels are actually engineered to bind with dead protein (your dead skin cells) clinging to the live ones underneath. The molecular size of the live proteins is small and compact and the peel ignores those. As a result, there is no redness, no recovery, no downtime, and no reason to ever use an acid or abrasive on your skin again.  

Exfoliating is essential and can make healthy skin appear more radiant and glowing. Troubled skin (acne, ingrown hair from shaving, Rosacea, dark circles) can also benefit from an exfoliant-intervention. The key is understanding the problem. Acne, for example, is a micro-infection. Pores fill with dirt and oil. Skin grows over the top of the pores every minute of the day, creating a tiny incubator for a micro-infection, a pimple. Removing the cover (the dead skin) so the pores can be cleaned and the dirt and oil removed, allows the pores to breath and heal. Ingrown hair is similar, but also adds a little irritant (the hair follicle) inside the incubator. Ouch. All of this can be prevented with a proper exfoliation schedule.  

Visit to learn more about acne bundles, shaving bundles, and how to change your skin care regimen to include a protein peel, even if you already have a favorite skincare brand, but not a favorite peel.  

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