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Frequently asked Questions

A: Our proprietary MTHV® Complex contains Metallothionein (MT) and Hirudin (HV). MT is a powerful, organic anti-oxidant “power protein”, which scavenges oxidative, free radical damage from the surface of the skin. HV is a natural blood thinner, which when applied topically, thins and disburses red lines under the skin which are actually blood particulates, allowing the body to reabsorb them.

Read more about Why Real Chemistry MTHV Complex is an important advance in skin care techhology

A: A protein peel is a gentle, but highly effective method of removing dead skin cells. The ingredients are engineered to bind with protein (dead skin cells) and do an excellent job and removing these cells without irritating underlying or surrounding tissue. As a result, there is often much less irritation when compared with mechanical or acidic methods of exfoliation.

We also have about 100 boutique retail stores across the US carrying the brand. Just email us at for a list of retailers in your area.

A: Neither Real Chemistry products nor their ingredients are ever tested on animals. The words “never tested on animals” are printed on the back of every box.

A: Yes we do. We will always post coupons on Twitter and Facebook.

A: Real Chemistry is a small start up firm but it’s growing fast. If we haven’t yet found a retailer in your area, you can rely on to process your orders quickly and securely. But please do write to us to suggest which retailers in your area you would suggest we approach. We are diligently working to expand our network!

A: Sometimes when the peel is applied is dry or low humidity conditions, it can become dry and will fail to activate. In these situations, begin massaging the peel into the skin immediately after application rather than waiting 20-30 seconds. The peel should activate in approximately 15 seconds and will exfoliate effectively after activation.

Check out our new “How To” video for the Luminous 3 Minute Peel!

This version is 2 minutes 18 seconds. Did you know you could use the peel in the shower to save time?

Short on time? View the short version of the “How To” video here: this version is 53 seconds.

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